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4x4 Switched Passive Matrix Mixer 20hp - Herzlich

4x4 Switched Passive Matrix Mixer 20hp - Herzlich

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The Herzlich 4x4 Switched Passive Matrix Mixer is a fresh dose of hot old school synth flavor right into your signal chain - inspired by the Buchla and Synthi matrix mixers of yore, the Herzlich 4x4 Passive Switched Matrix Mixer will give you all the joys of an old school matrix mixer, and none of the pesky conveniences of a modern one!

Looking for a super clean, powered matrix mixer that will treat your signals with velvet gloves and behave with mind-numbingly boring predictability? Then you've taken a wrong turn, and instead of finding the pristine tedium you sought, you have uncovered a sleeping beast, an uncut diamond the size of a bell pepper and an all-red rainbow all in one. No power needed, and a super slim profile for even the shallowest skiff user.

The Switched Passive Matrix Mixer will set your heart ablaze with its glorious commitment to happy accidents and unapologetic jank. With absolutely no electronics to rein in the monster that resides in its circuitry, you will be delighted and shocked as you turn the knobs and click the switches, to find channels that bleed gently into each other, pots that alter channels other than their own, and switches that may take your desire to open and close them as suggestions rather than commands.

You'll think you've fallen asleep in the pale glow of your DAW and awoken to a nightmare at first, but very soon, you will discover it is a creative dream. Step into the shoes of the composers of yesteryear, and discover how your unintended accidents mixing CV or audio turn into beautiful and unexpected compositions. Find beauty in the strange interconnectedness of the switches and pots, as you try to brave and tame them. Reach synth transcendence with the psychedelic potential of passive matrix mixing, and open your heart to the multitudes of possibilities contained with the power of 70s circuit design.

Please note that there is a lefthand and righthand version of this module: the difference lies in the direction of the potentiometers. The lefthand module has full signal when the pots are fully counterclockwise, whereas the righthand module has full signal when the pots are fully clockwise.

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