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Digital Files for Passive Bandpass Octave Filter - Herzlich Gabor - 10hp Eurorack filter - DIY Gerber Files, BOM and Build Guide

Digital Files for Passive Bandpass Octave Filter - Herzlich Gabor - 10hp Eurorack filter - DIY Gerber Files, BOM and Build Guide

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In recent years, passive octave bandpass filters have gained popularity due to their inherent utility in sound design, but supply has been limited to old laboratory equipment which has become increasingly difficult to find.

As a consequence, I designed and made the Herzlich Gabor, with inspiration from the function of the Brüel & Kjær 1613 passive bandpass filter, but in Eurorack format.

I very much enjoyed designing, building and selling the Gabor, but as a one-man company, I need to carefully choose where I place my time and effort. Unfortunately, that means sometimes old products gotta go, to make time and space for new developments in the workshop. Rather than discontinue and forget the Gabor forever, however, I decided to give you, dear reader, the opportunity to make your own!

I will provide you with the necessary Gerber files, the STL file to 3D print a handy washer and a full and continuously updated build guide and BOM. It's very easy to build your own following the guide, and you will most likely learn a lot of cool stuff along the way, too. You are also more than welcome to sell the Gabor you build, just please don't sell these files, that wouldn't be very nice of you.

As the filter is discontinued, I can only provide the files - I cannot guarantee that I will be able to provide hand-holding, bug fixing and support, although if you're really, really stuck, I might be able to lend a hand. I am only responsible for handing over the files so you, yourself, can try your hand at this project. Thank you for understanding.

The filter works particularly well with feedback - as it is passive, no amplification or feedback is made within the circuit, but using mixer channels and VCAs it's easy to create beautiful patches and glasslike oscillations from feedback. The filter also works well when applied to full mixes, by carving out certain octave bands for processing or enhancement. Not a filter for everyone for sure, but some have described it as the kind of filter you can patch and tweak for hours on end - I tend to agree.

Now, go forth! Make your own! I believe in you!

Dimensions: 10hp wide, 19mm deep. Skiff friendly!

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