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Dual Passive LPG - Herzlich Low Pass Gate - 2hp LPG for 3U Eurorack

Dual Passive LPG - Herzlich Low Pass Gate - 2hp LPG for 3U Eurorack

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Followers of the brand may notice that I have something of a fascination with LPGs - it's true. But until now, my LPGs have relied on unique designs, whereas this one should be far more familiar to other LPG fans. The classic passive LPG, but with the utmost care taken to hand-craft the ideal version of this device.

With WIMA capacitors, custom built vactrols and exceptional little details like an LED window to get visual feedback on your CV input, the Herzlich Labs Dual Low Pass Gate is the final word in the realm of classic, passive LPGs. Every detail has been cared for, down to high-end hardware and switches to round out the experience, all in a narrow 2hp without any compromises made with respect to the form factor.

I put off making a passive LPG like this one for a long time, because I wanted the result to be the absolute best I could make it. Many designs, components and iterations were rejected, so I could bring you this - the LPG boasts two identical channels, with three cutoff settings per channel. The middle setting will behave like a VCA, while the left and right settings will have the familiar LPG sound. Care has been taken to reduce bleed, but as it is a classic passive VCA, some small amounts of audible bleed can be expected from the circuit.

Each Dual Low Pass Gate is built by hand and personally tested, to assure the high quality of these units. You can feel confident that exceptional care has been taken to bring you the most exceptional passive LPG experience possible, with the Herzlich Dual Low Pass Gate.

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