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FX Bypass - 0hp - passive FX send and bypass module

FX Bypass - 0hp - passive FX send and bypass module

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When patching, you might feel inspired to add an effect mid patch - but how do you audition your new sound compared to the baseline, without a lot of continuous plugging and unplugging? The Bypass offers a solution. Quickly switch between the dry and wet signal output AND immediately hear the impact of your dynamics change, FX or EQ, switching back and forth at will.

The best part? It's a completely passive, 0HP solution, drawing no power and taking up no rack space. An invaluable tool for the studio, or the creative performer. The Bypass works similarly to an FX return circuit, taking a signal input and multiplying it to an output. A switch then allows the user to select either the dry input or the returned, wet input, for the final output.

Hand built, tested and guaranteed to take your abuse, the Bypass is the tool you wished you had in your arsenal yesterday - correct that mistake today!

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