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Horizontal Adapter for 3U 2hp Eurorack modules

Horizontal Adapter for 3U 2hp Eurorack modules

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Run out of space? Want to squeeze in just one more 2hp module? I know the feeling, it's frustrating to know you're almost, almost there, but you're just missing that final little 2hp to round it all out. Don't worry, the solution is here: introducing the Horizontal Adapter from Herzlich Labs.

Accommodating any 2hp 3U module with a depth up to 14mm, the adapter can fit most 29-33hp spans in your rack, being mounted directly unto the rails below. The provided bolts and nuts will help you easily install your module, which can be installed both in either direction on your rack, but is particularly suited for middle rails in your system.

Get the most out of your rackspace: get the Horizontal Adapter.

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