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MMI Maxima - standalone gesture, touch and pressure controller for Eurorack and modular synthesizers in 30hp

MMI Maxima - standalone gesture, touch and pressure controller for Eurorack and modular synthesizers in 30hp

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The MMI Maxima is the final word in MMI technology. Beautiful gold patterns form gradients of touch sensitive surface areas, each connected to an input/output. Drag, rub, pinch or tap your fingers across to form connections, and create evocative and unique performances. Utilize the various pattern densities and shapes in your performance, or create installations with whatever conductive material is to hand.

Operation is easy: simply plug any audio, LFO, CV, trigger, gate, offset or clock into any of the inputs on the front panel, and connect one or several outputs to destinations in your system. The symbols near the sockets correspond to the shapes on the panel, and all that remains is for you to form the connection between the desired symbols with your hand, or any other conductive object you may have. Connect multiple at the same time to achieve liquid, gradual mixing, evolving rhythmic patterns, mixed LFOs and more. Furthermore, touch the pressure plates more firmly or in more dense areas to form stronger connections - in practice, this means a signal will pass with more or less intensity, based on the pressure you apply.

There are countless possibilities here: the shapes make it easy to memorize your patch, and the many inputs and outputs allow for enormous creativity. Eight inputs and one output? No problem. Maybe you want eight outputs sharing one input? Also no problem. Why not patch in an offset voltage, and then use the pressure sensitivity to sweep a filter with the offset patched into the filter resonance CV control? Or maybe create volume swells by patching audio into a VCA, or even an effect, for reverb or delay swells. Maybe you want to create chords, crescendos or chaotic and swiftly changing drum patterns?

Although practice helps, there are no rules for playing the MMI Maxima. Use it upside down or downside up, rack it, tape it to your body or drill it into your guitar and use it with the expression input on your pedals (yes, this is actually possible. Seriously.) With no external power needed, it makes an excellent performance companion for any system, big or small, modular, semi-modular or even not-modular-at-all.

Intended as a controller for musicians and non-musicians alike, the purpose of the MMI Maxima is to put emphasis on your performance and expression, rather than your competence at the ivory keys or dexterity at a drum pad. Let your hands, slices of pickled cucumber or other conductive everyday objects do the talking, through a combination of clever patching and expressive play - with the MMI Maxima, you have a performance tool unlike any other at your disposal.

The MMI Maxima comes in a custom case, and does not require external power to operate. Enjoy the Maxima either as a standalone controller, or rack it in your system if you desire.

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