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Passive Low Pass Gate with Resonant Filter - 2hp - Om

Passive Low Pass Gate with Resonant Filter - 2hp - Om

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The Om is a slim, passive 2hp LPG with characterful resonance. Taking notes from it's bigger brother, the Omen, the Om offers similarly beautiful resonant LPG action in half the size and skiff-friendly depth.

In a convergence of old-school LPG design and more modern components, the Om boasts a single -6dB resonant filter, custom hand-built vactrol and no less than three cutoff modes designed to inspire your next sounds.

Although the little brother of the Omen, the Om brings a distinct sound to the table. Do not mistake the Om for an Omen sawn in half, as they will both provide musically interesting and useful sounds to your setup.

Exactly as with the Omen, care has been taken to create a circuit with near-zero audio bleed and the best possible characteristics for a passive LPG. Of course, many of the natural features of vactrols remain, such as subtle memory effect when engaging the vactrol for long periods.

Finally, you receive maximum blinkenlights as an LED on the front panel simulates the action of the vactrol, so you'll always know what's going on under the hood. No collection of fancy LPG's is complete without the Om(en)!

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