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Iron-on Patch - Herzlich Labs Experimental Research Unit

Iron-on Patch - Herzlich Labs Experimental Research Unit

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Can't get enough of Herzlich Labs? Why not join the elite of Herzlich Labs users with this high quality woven iron-on patch. Measuring 8 cm in diameter, the patch symbolizes the inspiration, dedication and rapid innovation that drives Herzlich Labs. 

To apply your new patch, simply heat it at 150C° for 15-20 seconds to activate the glue, or sew it on like a true DIY'er! 

New product designs here at the laboratory are rarely built in isolation - countless ideas stem from musicians and artists like you, forming a worldwide experimental research unit working on the cutting edge of the avant garde to advance electronic music.

Show the rest of the world that you're one of the chosen few, and support my business in the process - your support keeps me from relapsing into working in an office and being ground into meat paste by mindless middle managers, and I love you for it, forever.

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