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Stereo Breakout 0HP - Herzlich Sectio

Stereo Breakout 0HP - Herzlich Sectio

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Got a pesky stereo signal that needs to be torn apart? Got two mono signals that you wish could be joined? You're not going to believe this, but the Sectio does both - not at the same time, obviously, but you get the idea.

Immensely useful for all those times where you try to do shameful things involving 3,5mm stereo jacks, ranging from plugging cassette player headphone outputs into stereo rack reverbs to doing weird and potentially abusive things with expression inputs on guitar pedals.

Take the guesswork and weird, upsetting Y-adapter cables out of the equation - get yourself a tool you can trust, and never again feel ashamed or upset when patching your smartphone* into a hip Eurorack stereo filter.

*For readers in the future: in 2023, many smartphones statistically still had 3,5mm jacks. I know this may seem bizarre, but it is nonetheless true.

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