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Touch and Pressure Controller 10hp - Herzlich Man Machine Interface Matrix - Double MMI

Touch and Pressure Controller 10hp - Herzlich Man Machine Interface Matrix - Double MMI

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The Herzlich Man Machine Interface - a beloved instrument, yes, but I know what you thought all throughout: what if there was even more of it? I pondered the idea over a game of chess, was it truly possible to create an MMI with more than one dimension? An MMI arranged in a manner of... matrix?

After spending hours drawing intricate doodles on the back of a napkin, I discovered that, yes, such a thing was indeed possible - I called the factory at once, and demanded that production take place immediately. Thus, the MMI Matrix was born!

With operation identical to it's little brother, the MMI Matrix allows the user to patch inputs to outputs by connecting zig-zagged patterns together with fingers, fruits, cables, pizza slices or any other conductive source. The labyrinth patterns will immediately connect the zig-zags immediately adjacent, whether above and below, or on each side. Furthermore, the two labyrinths within labyrinths will connect ALL adjacent inputs and outputs, which may lead to beautiful disasters or otherworldly insights.

As with its predecessor, the MMI Matrix is fully touch and pressure sensitive, reacting to the amount of pressure exerted, the amount of skin connecting, and the resistive quality of your body. Incredibly easy to perform with, the MMI Matrix offers new and far more advanced ways to patch your performances, whether CV, triggers or audio signals. Create reverb swells that vary between different types of reverb, use multiple fingers and labyrinth patterns to mix trigger signals into complex polyrhythms or create beautiful chords by combining various pitch inputs with a chord oscillator. The MMI Matrix also integrates very well with it's little brother, so there is absolutely no need to hold back!

Oh, and as always, it uses NO power! But it will take up 10hp of space in your system. A fair deal!

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